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Little Farmer Boy

Little boys rooms can be so much fun to decorate! I had a blast redoing my son Colton’s room. His grandparents live on a farm and my husband and I have our own little plot of land. So Colton has always had constant exposure to tractors. It’s no wonder he has developed a mini obsession with John Deere! Colton just recently turned three, so I wanted a room that would be able to grow with him. This meant no loud kid colors or accent pieces; the design solution had to include components that he’d love for years to come. Fortunately we had already chosen neutral wall colors and versatile furniture, so a simple change in decor would re-vamp the room completely. I take a special kind of pride in knowing that I made almost everything in my son’s room myself. My own possessions that have been passed down or made for me by my parents and grandparents are some of my most cherished; I can only hope that I can give my own children reasons to embrace the same sense of sentimental value. Here are some quick shots of my favorite parts of the room, along with the description of the origins of each item! IMG_7148IMG_7166IMG_7167

Top to bottom: I did not make any of the metal signs. My husband and I have collected them over time. I made the wood tractor sign with an image transfer technique. I refinished the dresser completely staining the top and drawer faces in shaker maple, and the main frame matte black. I found the drawer knobs at Hobby Lobby. The mirror is salvaged from a Mack truck, refinished by me, and a good friend welded brackets for me to mount it on the wall. Continue scrolling for close-up shots of this awesome piece!

How adorable is that for a little boy to hang his hat up after a long day?!



I helped design the faux built-in bed with my brother (Kramer Design), which utilizes solid hickory and birch plyboard, specially fit for Colton’s room! The entire bed comes apart very easily and nothing is attached to the wall (So no holes!)! My brother and I built the bed, and I sealed and finished all the wood. My husband and I also made the crates for the storage cubbies.


I constructed the wood sign, and got the vinyl letters from Amy’s Craft Haven! (The sea turtle painting was a contribution gift from a charity donation.)


This trunk made a perfect toy chest exactly as it was, so and I just couldn’t touch it!


The room not be complete without a picture of my grandfather, who my son was named after. IMG_7165

No Girls Allowed!! I thought this was too cute for a little boys room (although my little guy doesn’t seem to care, as long as you like to play super man or jump on the bed, ha!). Found this particular sign made by a fellow vendor This or That displayed at Cattywampus in Wauwatosa, WI.


And this is the little bucko all this was for! I just love the smiles that his special new space puts on his face! Let me know if we can help you spruce up your own kiddos’ rooms! We’d love to make more of anything, or even create something unique and brand new, just for you!

Lots of love from this happy junkin’ mama,

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