The newest addition to the UpCycle Girls!

Time for a fun personal announcement from the home of UpCycle Girl Tara!  Tara recently welcomed beautiful baby girl, Cora Lee.  Cora is a strong, loving, little bundle who made sure to show the world what she’s made of immediately upon her arrival.  Just like her mama, she is tough!  The perfect combination of characteristics to make another future UpCycle Girl.  🙂


Of course we took this chance to have some fun being creatively geared toward our own personal tastes.  And now we get to show off some of our design skills that were used to put together Cora’s nursery! Tara personally has always appreciated the true beauty of unpainted wood, so she simply refinished the dresser.  She also was able to use the same crib that her husband, nieces, and son used as babies which gave the room a sentimental touch. The changing table was once a record player that Tara altered, staining it to match the dresser.



The beautiful tree wall decor was made by our team member, Nicole (typically our muralist, but she’s got all kinds of tricks up her sleeve!).  Also, the cards displayed were from Tara’s baby shower.


Tara and Becca collaborated to make this custom wall art set.  Tara cut and finished the wood using her own color selection, and Becca added the details based on Tara’s design preferences.  The quotes are as follows (designs are originals by the UpCycle Girls): “Let her sleep for when she wakes she will move mountains.” -Napoleon Bonaparte “…and though she be but little, she is fierce.” -Shakespeare


You may be able to tell from this post as well as our “Little Farmer Boy” post (in addition to some other pieces in our Portfolio), we love doing projects for children!  It’s such a joy to add more whimsical, playful pieces to our portfolio, and to know that these pieces are bringing smiles to kids faces.  Please let us know if we can do something special for your own little one!  We’d LOVE to do more projects like these! Junk on (mini junkers too!), Tara & Becca

Tara Lou
<p>19 years ago, I started my path in furniture by preserving antique furniture, and restoring furniture after home disasters. More recently I have started working with clients to revive their furniture to todays fashions. When I’m not chipping my nails flipping furniture I am out with my kids hunting, fishing, foraging, gardening or hiking.</p>

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