Hoosier Restoration

This past summer while cleaning out a rental unit I asked if anyone was keeping the Hoosier cabinet in the garage. “That old thing I’m just gonna burn it”. Was what my father in law told me. “Whoa whoa wait I’ll take it.” Is of course what I said. The hubs thought it needed too much work. It definitely did the frame was busted drawers sticking. It was going to be some work. I was looking though my junker glasses. And still could not resist taking home this hoosier cabinet.

I got to work disassembled cleaned sanded and started painting. I am telling you I am just in love with bayberry green chalk paint from General Finishes! Wow the coverage is amazing and color is perfect.

While working on it I decided to take the top shelving unit doors off. My vision was to display all of my hard work in the summer…. my canned goods from gardening. Inside is very distressed white and outside green with lighter distressing. Of course top coated three coats with Aqua Coat

Fresh eggs, produce, canned goods mushroom log (got on Etsy amazing!) dried herbs and the fun egg basket.

All you gardeners where do you display your canned goods and summer hard work? Have you ever taken something everyone else thought was completely garbage and turned it into a masterpiece?

Please share I would love to see it!

Thanks for reading and happy junking!

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Tara Lou

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3 thoughts on “Hoosier Restoration

  1. Love this! Gorgeous shade of green too. I’ve upcycled a couple of pieces for myself and others that I plan on sharing in upcoming blog posts (https://bluebyrddesignva.com). One was an old cabinet that was my grandmothers that I turned into a seating bench for a guest room. The other was a small cabinet unit my mother in law bought that’s I helped turn into her tv console.

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