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Feature: Interview with Julie Amici

We have done Junking Play Lists before, but this one is not like the others. We are featuring Julie Amici, a small town artist with roots in our good ole dairyland. While we are revamping and upcycling we enjoy listing to some good tunes (usually not the new stuff). Listing to music like Julie’s is motivating for us; It gets us in the mood to make our work as beautiful as Julie’s voice.

Check out Tara’s new favorite song!

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Read on for our exclusive interview with Julie!

UG:  How did you get started in the music field?

JA:  I have always wanted to be a singer. I started following the path about 10 years ago in Portland Oregon. Started singing jazz and then met Dean Mueller and Don to Plews.  I got into Blues after meeting Dean Mueller. We have won several awards together and have been able to play many festivals. People love music, and we love to perform for people!

UG:  Where did you get the inspiration for Yellow Roses? (By the way, that is a beautiful song.)

JA:  Our album Yellow Roses is more on the American path.  When I went back to Wisconsin to visit where I grew up, where our house had burned down.  I thought about the yellow rosebush that my grandma planted there.  And the song just started to build like seed of inspiration, into a song.

UG:  Where can people find your music and see you play?

JA:  We play mostly around Portland and out on the Oregon Coast. We are starting to gain a national reputation as we know a lot of musicians in the industry. We have a Facebook page and website and videos on YouTube – just check out Julie Amici.

What kind of music do you like listening to while you are working away? Please share it with us! Thanks for reading and as always, happy junking!

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