Flipping Dated Furniture

“What does ‘upcycling’ mean?”

(If we had a dime for every time we got asked that question…)

To us, it means reusing a piece the same way it was intended, only better… new and improved, if you will. It’s somewhere between recycling and upgrading.

Here is a recent example…

We started out with a solid, but dated, set of nightstands with an entertainment center. The owner was redecorating, but wanted a very specific look. We were able to save him some money AND help him reach that goal… by upcycling!

Here are some “before” shots of the set.


I removed all of the hardware and doors. The customer wanted a more modern look, so we chose to keep the doors off. This achieved the desired aesthetic without sacrificing storage.


Next, I had to fill in the holes where the old hinges were anchored. I decided to try out a new wood filler that comes in a powder, and it quickly became a new favorite! I taped off the backs of the holes to prevent drips, mixed the filler to the desired consistency, filled and allowed to set properly, and sanded to a smooth finish.


Finally, the fun part! To achieve a more industrial, rustic look, we went with General Finishes Milk Paint in Lamp Black for the casings and shelves. In addition we used GF’s Water-Based Wood Stain in Antique Walnut over the [properly prepped] existing stain on the tops and inner shelves of the entertainment center. New handles and corner guards were applied after a few layers of GF High Performance topcoat.

Total transformation! #keeptheold



Tara Lou
<p>19 years ago, I started my path in furniture by preserving antique furniture, and restoring furniture after home disasters. More recently I have started working with clients to revive their furniture to todays fashions. When I’m not chipping my nails flipping furniture I am out with my kids hunting, fishing, foraging, gardening or hiking.</p>

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