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We were honored when we were approached by a repeat customer to refinish this stunning buffet.  The intricate details adorning the mirror and face frames were begging to be enhanced, and the original hardware was lovely but dull with age.  Becca couldn’t wait to get her hands on this piece!

Our customer originally bought the piece with the intent to refinish it herself.  She got as far as disassembly and stripping before the project got pushed to the back-burner amidst her long list of other to-do’s (We get it, sister! #momlife).  It sat in her pole barn for a bit and then she decided to give the UpCycle Girls a call!

Since the project had already been stripped, we started with some repair, general toning and conditioning.  Check out the miter repair Tara did – Flawless! Read more about wood fillers here.

The top surface of the chest needed some extra cleaning and conditioning from years of wear, exposure, and overall damage.  But once the wood tone had been evened out, she was ready to go!  We chose Golden Oak water-based Wood Stain by General Finishes for the faces of doors and drawers, work surface, and the adornment on the mirror frame, as well as the original wooden drawer handles.

Once the new stain had set in, we prepared for painting to achieve the two-toned look the customer was aiming for.  First we used General Finishes Stain Blocker to prevent any bleed-through from wood tannins and remnants of old finish.  Next we applied a couple layers of Linen Milk Paint for a soft, clean palette.

The finishing touch was the newly cleaned and sealed set of brass handles on the long drawer.  In the middle of a hectic main floor home remodel, the customer was so excited to see this piece beautifully refinished come back into her home.  And we couldn’t have been more thrilled to do the job for her.  We hope her family enjoys it for years to come!


What pending projects do you have buried in your garage or barn?  What do you plan to do with them?  How can we help?  Ask us about our very affordable design consultations!  Please also send us your before and after shots – we love seeing your “side-of-the-road gold” turn shiny and new again!


Junk on,

Tara and Becca


Next week we will be talking about picking neutral paint colors for your home.



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Next week we will be giving you insight on picking neutral wall colors.
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