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Picture Frame UpCycles

Thrift stores, garage sales, heck even your basement, picture frames are everywhere! You can make so many different things with picture frames. In fact, it’s a good starter project for learning DIY painting. They are typically pretty inexpensive, if you don’t like it you can just give it back to a resale shop without guilt! I just scored 10 picture frames for 10 cents a piece; so awesome.

Here are some basic supplies that you could use:
Quick run down of how these are made:
  1. Glue the glass to the frame.
  2. Scuff sand all including the glass.
  3. Shellac all of it
  4. Re-scuff (Or don’t scuff if you want your paint to have a crackle effect)
  5. Paint desired color(s)
  6. Hot glue the handle on (Hobby Lobby is the place to go for these)
  7. Then glue your flowers in 
instructions pic frame epicycles
Other Ideas

Through out the years we have done many more picture frame upcycles. Maybe you only have the frame and no glass. Take some burlap and make a little pocket to hold business cards. Cut some wood and make a chalkboard sign. 

You can even get some cork and make message boards like the one below, we lined with more burlap….. because burlap makes everything look awesome. 

The possibilities are endless. 

We did a photo transfer on wood and put it inside these frames. You can see these in person at The Mineral Point Hotel

Here we added a small vase for holding flowers or greenery, interchangeable with the seasons.

Heres one out of pallet wood!

So, these are just a few ideas I have.What would you do differently? The possibilities are endless. Each picture frame upcycle can speak to your own unique personality.

Thanks for reading this weeks blog and happy junking,

Tara Lou

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