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Raising an Old Soul

This weekend we celebrated my sons 6th birthday. Whoa where did the time go I cannot believe he is six and going to be in 1st grade next year. When he was two my grandfather past away, he had alzheimer’s which is a horrible disease he had been gone for years before he passed away. I named my sons middle name after him, and every time I think of my son I think of my grandfather.

My grandpa grew up in Mukwonago his family ran Heaven City restaurant. Later they moved to Milwaukee and ran Turner Halls restaurant where my grandpa would act drunk on stage just to get laughs out of people (he was 7 or 8). He meet my grandma at Turner Hall and they have been together ever since. Their story is for another time but its a true love story.

So much of my son reminds me of my grandfather. Their concern for your comfort levels (odd I know but its a thing with them) Their goofiness I envision the stories I hear of my grandpa being just like the way my son is now. My grandpa was also an engineer which is a path Colton seems to be headed. Things are always being taken apart and odd things are always being built. They save everything, my grandma and I are still finding odd things my grandfather saved. Well Colton will scold me for throwing something out because there might be a use for it somewhere at sometime.

One of the reasons I decided to write about this is because my son just loves all things old. At 6 he has such an appreciation for the stories behind antique and vintage items. He is fascinated with typewriters and old furniture. For his birthday he received a piggy bank but its not just any piggy bank. It was a post office box, with a code to get into it. Of course he mastered the combination already because it is his favorite gift. (even better than the bike)

Last year he wanted a desk in his room so bad! We let him pick and he really wanted an old sewing machine cabinet which is now his desk and he couldn’t be happier about it. Colton will even wear anything old, I got him a Gene Autry cowboy shirt I thought he could wear for dress up, he wears it all the time! With junk being one of my passions it is so rewarding to have a deeper connection with my son.

The Piggy Bank


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