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Kids Upcycle Sun Catcher Project

As moms we are always looking for cheap easy and creative ways to entertain our kids. A huge bonus is reusing an otherwise discarded item. My kids and I made sun catchers on a recent rainy day. I had all the prep-work done I was just waiting for a day when the kids would be cooped inside due to rain.

What you will need:

As I mentioned I pre-prep these frames with out the kids. I took the glass out and sometimes that is just better to do with out those munchinkins. Take the backing out of the frame at this point you can paint the frame if desired. I decided to paint ours yellow.  Take the glass and hot glue it in the frame. You could even use wood glue and let it sit overnight.

So I let mine sit for a few weeks waiting for a rainy day. Finally we had the perfect rainy day. By afternoon I could tell the kids needed something to occupy them for a little while. I pulled out everything we needed for the sun catchers.

It’s really quite simple mixed a little bit of water in with the glue and let each kid pour a little on to their frame. We made sure that the entire surface was covered in the glue water mix. Then I let them go crazy with the food coloring. These looked so cool when you first put on the food coloring! The ended up spreading all around and blending in but still very neat.

Let these sit and dry for a few days, ours took 4 days it was hot and humid so possibly in winter it would not take as long. All and all this project cost me .10 cents a piece for the picture frames, I already have everything else on hand.

What have you recycled with your kids lately? I would love to see!

Thanks for reading happy recycling with kids,


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One thought on “Kids Upcycle Sun Catcher Project

  1. I love these. Am looking for something fun to do for Christmas gifts with my grand children. I will keep watching to see if you have any ideas.
    PS your kids are adorable

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