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Rusty Teal – Paint Layering

I love to see all these beautiful painted piece on Pinterest there are so many creative people out there! I want to create these amazing specialty finishes as well but…. well to be honest I don’t buy fancy things. I would prefer to just make it. When it comes to the type of paint I use and the type of clear finish I use I only buy the best on the market. I don’t buy fancy crackle effect, peel effect or anything else like that. There are ways to get the look without going broke plus the chance of it not working out like it looks in the picture. Who’s with me?

I may be a little late on the teal rust look but it has been on my bucket list. While I was taking furniture repair and touch-up courses through Mohawk years ago they gave us primary colors and had us match wood stains with just the primary colors. you can get any color you want with color mixing. That has always stuck in my head. Look at wood stained furniture and the color you have what color is missing, green? Red? If you look for those colors you can match almost anything.

I used a lot of colors on this, here is my test piece:

As I am sure many of you know I do use a lot of General Finish Products. Here are some of the colors I used that I already had on hand:

Chalk Paint
  1. Bone White
  2. French Vanilla
  3. Apricot
  4. Rembrant Red
  5. Charlton Blue
  6. Summer Time Blue

(I did not have their Patina Green on hand and didn’t want to wait to do this project so I just went ahead with out it)

  1. Walnut – Used as a glaze
  1. Wood glue
  2. Water
  • Started with my base colors which is the rusty so the mix of red and yellow for the rusty look. (Dry Brush)
  • Where I didn’t have rust I placed the whites. (Dry Brush)
  • Mixed up very little water and wood glue I put that over the places where I had my rust color. Note: Do this section by section or your glue will dry.
  • Brushed my teal over the top and created the “peal” look
  • Once all that was dry I dry brushed another color of teal over the top.
  • Once the glue and paint is dry you can take a scraper and scrape off any clumps / lumps. At this time you can do more dry brushing if desired. (Over any rust area)
  • I wanted it a little darker and the colors to blend a little more so I decided to glaze the entire things with walnut after my first coat of finish.
  • 2 more coats of finish and its all completed.

Heres the completed project what do you think? Have you done specialty finishes without using special products?

Thanks for reading and happy painting junk!

Tara and Becca

Tara Lou
<p>19 years ago, I started my path in furniture by preserving antique furniture, and restoring furniture after home disasters. More recently I have started working with clients to revive their furniture to todays fashions. When I’m not chipping my nails flipping furniture I am out with my kids hunting, fishing, foraging, gardening or hiking.</p>

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