Recycled Center Piece Ideas

One thing I’ve always wanted to master, and have always envied other makers for is the ability to successfully put together floral decor. I love the way a well-arranged piece flows so beautifully with the different heights, colors and textures blending perfectly.

Being the frugal (AKA cheap, haha) and picky person that I am, I run into road blocks when it comes to finding the right faux greenery. I think fake flowers can look fantastic when used correctly, but some of the less-expensive ones really LOOK less-expensive too. It’s difficult to find good-quality blossoms that are also affordable.

However, I recently decided to take on the challenge and attempt a new skill! After two trips to two different stores I think I nailed these three centerpieces. I didn’t spend more than $10 on each of these, and they were so much fun to design!

Harvest Bowl

First up was the harvest bowl centerpiece. I’ve had the wood bowl laying around for years. Styrofoam blocks were $2, silk flowers $5, and the pumpkin $1 (I found the pumpkin at the thrift store but needed to clean it up a bit.).

harvest bowl

Yes thats a cake turner, here’s where I got it. 

I painted the pumpkin three colors, waxing in between layers to help pull the bottom two colors through. I arranged the flowers on the foam and she is done! 

Cake Stand

The next one is what I like to call the Frankenstand, since there were so many components that I assembled together. I had two wood plates, which I painted white. I found a wooden candle stand at a thrift store for $2 along with the cake cover for $2. The floral decor was leftover from another project, so let’s call it $2.

The cake cover had an ugly plastic handle on the top so I replaced with a beautiful vintage Bakelite knob. Then I just screwed the top and bottom together after painting it white.

Last were the finishing touches. I had an old bed spring that I scooped out of a fire pit somewhere. It seemed to fit together with the curly moss and a soft off white flower. Lots of organic curves, soft textures, and it was fun to use a mix of styles!

Succulent Log

I think the succulent log is one of my favorites. I found the wood in the yard while foraging for mushrooms. I couldn’t resist bringing it indoors to dry out – I knew it would be useful. After it was fully dry, I sanded it smooth and painted it white, then sanded again to bring out the profile. Moss and succulent greenery finished it off. The log was free, and the moss was left over from another project (let’s say $2). And the succulents were $5.

Which one is your favorite? What have you recycled as your centerpiece or tabletop decor?

Thanks for reading and happy junkycling!

Tara and Becca

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