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Donating Durning the Holidays

Every fall I find myself go through every closet / kids room / and drawer  in the house. I subconsciously do it as soon as the leaves start falling. With each load to the resale shop and recycling bin I feel better lighter almost. As if weight has been lifted. My organizational skills are in full force and my mind is racing how can I make this space cleaner and functional.
One thing that always sticks in the back of my head is, am I taking this stuff to good place? And how can I stop accumulating all of this stuff to get rid of every year? Well as a mom of three even though I try the stuff never stops rolling in. From the bank to random garage sales people are always giving my kids stuff. especially my daughter just loves smiling at people so they just hand her things. As i smile and says that sweet but in the back of my head I am screaming NO, no more stuff for us please. Well one thing I can change (Becuase ultimately I have to accept that I cannot change that my kids will get stuff) I can change where and who I donate too. I want to share some of my avenues for donating.
Moms Groups! This is amazing I have posted FREE items on moms groups and its gone within hours. Lets just say moms are amazing. I am going to reiterate the word free here. Moms groups are amazing supports and if another local mom can use something I have no use for please take it no money will ever exchange my hands. Sometimes it just feels so much better to give something away than to request money for it.
St. Vincent DePaul- I just want to say this place is so cool. I love shopping here and donating. I once came to drop things off and they let me look inside the donation warehouse. They had a giant cube of clothing they where explaining to me that it was getting ready to be shipped to third world country’s! How awesome is that? My family alone could clothe a small country we are so extremely fortunate sometimes it’s easy to forget how truly blessed we are.
You’re local thrift store: Most towns even small towns have these. My home town has one that is affiliated with our food pantry. I love going here they all know me and I know them. They know what I love and look for and always tell me to check out certain areas of the store. Bonus this thrift store helps my local community every cent I spend and every piece I drop off will go to my local area.
With the season of giving fast approaching us where do you donate? What do you donate? Maybe you donate something a little more precious like your time or money?
Thanks for reading and happy donating,
Tara and Becca
Tara Lou
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