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This Christmas was the most unusual that I have ever had, I spent it alone on the couch sick. I was feeling very nostalgic and thinking about all of the wonderful people I have beside me, my tribe.  I have so much fun providing you with proper DIY practices. So this Christmas I want to share with you my tribe of people. Becca and I have each other but we also have amazing support of family and friends behind us. These amazing people are my refinishing tribe, we talk idea, techniques and products all the time. These are the people I fact check with too. Combined we have 80 years of refinishing experience now there are things we don’t all know but that’s what the Google search bar is for…. wink wink.

My Pops

First on the list is my dad, if you follow me on instagram you know he’s a big part of why I do what I do. No, college wasn’t in my plans, I started working in the refinishing trade while I was in my Junior year of high school. I worked for my fathers business as an upholsterer to start. I kept at it until I could get my hands on the wood refinishing.

My dad and I worked side by side for 12 years. He taught me so much about the world of wood and I am so grateful for all of those years we had together. Some of those years were tough but we stuck together. When my son was born 7 years ago we sold the business, but we both couldn’t let our passion for refinishing go so we both made workshops in our homes and kept on refinishing.


Jess is one of my oldest friend, sophomore year of high school old. When she was out of work from time to time she would work in my refinishing shop stripping, sanding, office work. Later she became a union painter and after that opened her own business Kaleidoscope Interiors.

She has an entire different education than me. Jess knows paints so well I ask her quite a few questions about types of paints. She studies refinishing and painting practices to have the highest quality of work for her business. She has built a very reputable company and I could not be prouder of her success!


This guy is my wonderful husband! Dave is seriously Mr. Fixit all of my tools this guy will fix when I bust them up. He also teaches me which is the best part. Learning how to maintain my equipment is so important to me which lucky for me I have this guy to show me the right way.

He is also the muscles meaning when I need help taking things to my shop hes always the one to help. He is also the one who has to walk backwards while carrying the furniture which he loves (I am being totally sarcastic)


The best for last? This guy I have known my entire life, well he is my brother so that would be why. He is my rock in life and my best friend. We were not always that close until after high school and he left for his first tour to Kuwait did we really become close. He too worked at my fathers refinishing company, but after 9-11 he couldn’t just do nothing so he inlisted. Three tours later and we where closer than ever. It also helps he married my best friend, so my best friend became my sister and now I finally have a sister!

He too has taught me so much. Theron taught me how to do lathe work and I soon surpassed him (he wasn’t that interested in it anyway). He has taught me how to build furniture (which I am still learning).  When my sprayed finishes aren’t looking so hot I usually call him first. Him and I can sit down with a few beers and talk shop all night which is one of my favorite topics. The best part is we balance each other so well. I know the world of water base products and he know the world of lacquers extremely well. He is an expert finisher and cabinet builder, his work is incredible!

I am so blessed to have these amazing people next to me. We support each other when one of us is behind on work or needs extra advice we are there to help. Who do you have in your tribe? I would love to hear about it.

Merry Christmas


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