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2019 New Years Goals

Every year we talk about goals and things we want to accomplish in the new year. The goals we set eventually fade away. Sometimes our goals have unachievable deadlines or unrealistic goals to reach. Like my son wanted to challenge himself to sit in a box for 24 hours. He made it two hours, which is actually longer than I thought he would. After his failure we talked about how difficult it would have been and how to set a realistic goal. This year I have three goals but they are open goals they don’t have a deadline or even a number to reach. These goals are my driving passion for this blog.

First Goal

My number one goal the reason why I write this blog every week. I want to be the place you go for the proper DIY information. A while back while searching Pinterest for ideas I was reading blog after blog just filled with improper refinishing practices. I existed out of Pinterest and I decided that I would reopen my blog and put out the right information. The right information that has taken my 18 years to accumulate and countless failed projects.

Second Goal

My second goal for this blog, I want this blog to be your muse to create a beautiful home. I want you to come to my blog for ideas on what you can do with your next project and while you are visiting you will learn some things along the way. Your home should be a collection of your creativeness. It is such a fantastic feeling to showing off a piece of furniture you created and saying “yea I did that.”

Third Goal

My last goal is for mother earth. Saving furniture and house hold items from filling up our land is what I want to achieve. Thinking of used furniture instead of going to a big box store can have so many more benefits. We only have one earth and together we can save it. With learning proper information on furniture restoration we can restore furniture to last another generation.

To find out more visit my blog every week we post new information every Sunday. Is there something you want to know? Send me a message! If you are local we also teach classes our next class is January 16th.

What are your goals? Have you set anything this year?

Thanks for reading and happy goal setting,


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