Table / Buffet Makeover

When your known for taking “junk” people love to give it away. I hardly ever say NO, because sometimes it turns out to be something really good. Like this table / buffet, it was an extra free piece of junk.

While going to a house to pick up table tops I was asked if I wanted this as well. I had enough room in my truck so I said yes.

This is a tad wobbly though. Once the legs break it’s hard to fix and replace those. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with it but after discussing with a friends we had the perfect plan.

Cut those legs off!!! Duh

And wouldn’t you know it get some castors! I need to stop here and just say Amazon is over priced on a lot of things but castors is not one of those things. Seriously you guys buy your castors on Amazon! This set of 4 castors was only $24.99.

As most of you know I love wood to show in a lot of my work so I’m off stripping the top. Go here to learn more about stripping.

This little guy came to visit so we had a chat and I put him off to the side while I finished working. His name is Lance.

Grey-ish blue color custom mixed and ML Campbell stain can we say yassss?

Look at that stain color…… just look it’s beautiful.

Best part is this table can be really functional. Folds up to use as a buffet and opens for a table! Also has a drawer and door.

What do you think? Where would you put it?

Thanks for reading and happy junking


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