Spring Upcycling Dragonfly

Spring 🌱time is one of my favorite times of the year. Living in the Dairyland we come to really appreciate spring. Although it hasn’t come yet the days are longer the weather is above freezing. Spring is just around the corner. To get in the spring of things (no pun intended) my daughter and I worked on some junk yard art.

I love to decorate my yard with stuff in a tasteful way of course. This is one of those projects that will be fun for Cora (my daughter and me)

My husband and I had to replace a fan in our bedroom I kept the fan blades just for a special project for me and my daughter.

Parts We Used:

Fan blades

Wood Corner Molding

I Drilled holes in the molding and ran bolts through secured by nuts. Easy peasy. Little sanding and she’s ready for painting.

Cora says “Mama do you like this color? Yellow is my favorite I just love yellow”

Cora had a blast painting her “guy” but we needed to add some eyes. Two nuts and some twisted up wire worked perfect.

Can’t wait for the warmer weather to melt all of the ice and snow so we can hang this up outside. Stay tuned for the placement photos.

What are you doing to gear up for spring? Making something up cycled?

Tara Lou

The UpCycle Girl

Tara Lou
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