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Copper Plated Cabinet

I was asked by a client to copper plate their cabinet. This cabinet is beautifully built but it needed to be updated with their home decor. They had a designer come to their home and tell them they should have something done with this cabinet. It is sentimental because the clients husband built it. However the honey oak did not go with their decor.

She look around for something different to replace the glass with but didn’t have much luck until she called me. I gave her a link and told her to look around. Well they found what they loved!

The Top

First the top: I color matched to their table which is a beautiful dark charcoal color. I stripped down the top stained and then toned to just the right color. Then I lightly sanded through till the edges where worn enough and clear coated.

The Base

grey cabinet base. Empire grey

The bottom I painted Empire Grey from General Finishes. You can see here that even though I though that the wood was tight enough grain the grain was showing through too much. After the first coat I decided to scuff and apply a coat of grain filler.

If you want to see more about the grain filler visit my other blog here.

The Copper

Copper door

Although I have replaced glass with many different things like, chicken wire and pie safe metal, I was nervous about the copper plate. I was worried because I wasn’t sure how each section would look, if I would crinkle the copper too much or if I cut it wrong!

We order the copper from Vandykes, I am not being paid buy them but them but I do want to do a little shout out here. I have been ordering from them for about 20 years. They always have the high quality products to create amazing things. They also make reproductions of things like steamer chest handles that I have ordered over the years. So if you want something unusual try Vandykes. Here is the link to the copper.

This copper is so thin that I used a razor blade to cut it. So the copper needed a backing. 1/4 in plywood was used and I glued the copper plate to the plywood. I used paintable chalk to attached the plywood to the doors and I’m DONE!

This was so excited it doesn’t even look like the same piece of furniture. What would you copper plate?

Thanks for reading,

Tara Lou

Copper plated glass doors grey cabinet
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