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Slobproof Paint Pen Reviews

I have been looking for a new way to offer my clients touch-up pens that actually work. Plus I was looking for a paint pen that could do inking lines when painting furniture. I think I have come across just the right pen, Slobproof paint pens.

These pens are fillable, so you pick the paint and fill it up. You can do anything from clear finish, paint, stain, glazes anything. I have only used water base in these, they are plastic so oil or solvents won’t hold up well in these.

Simple to fill

Down Falls

So after reading some reviews they said the tip drys out easily. I have done two things sprayed water and cleaned the tip off, put the cap on and let sit for about a month. The brush tip was totally fine. I have also just put the top back on and left it for about two weeks and that too was perfectly fine and useable. However I have not tried plain wall paint.

Using as an Inking Pen

Screw the bottom to release the glaze and brush in, instead of dipping your brush in glaze its pre-filled. I still kept a damp rag on hands to smooth out the lines. Personally its a horse a piece if it saves time or not. It is a little less messy but if you are doing a bunch of doors you may need to refill your pen which would be a downfall.

I am excited about these pens they could be good for all sorts of crafts even just to keep handy when your kids scratch up your walls which happen to me all the time. If you want to see more of what I do with these check out my Instagram.

Also want to share with you that Slobproof did not ask me to review their product nor am I getting compensated to review it. I have tried several touch-up pens and this is the first to pass my tests!

Thanks for reading

Tara Lou

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