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Dry Sink Revival

This dry sink had seen better days, I was asked by a new coming small business to revive this dry sink. The best part is they requested a soft PINK!

About Dry Sinks

Did you know what dry sinks are where made for? They would hold a large bowl and pitcher of water for washing your hands. Also the rail on the top would have held a towel. These would have commonly been found in the kitchen area, bedroom or possibly at a back door.

Today you can put a dry sink in a bathroom (which this small business is going to do) Night stand, end table entry table. Therefore dry sinks can be very versatile for today home furnishings.

The Tea Room

This beautiful piece of furniture is going to be in Heirloom Tea Room in historic Oconomowoc. Heirloom Tea Room and Events is coming around January of 2020. They will be holding private events in historic Oconomowoc. Serving a variety of teas from Casting Whimsy. Also macaroons from Kasey’s Confections will also be served.

My Process

First of all I started this project with a lot of sanding filling and re-gluing.

  • Sanded with 220 grit on the entire piece. Also the top I sanded with a 120 grit down to the raw wood.
  • Stained the top ML Campbells Espresso. Also keep note that MC Campbell stains will not go over finished wood it needs to be raw.
  • Now its ready for distressing and clear coating. Technically the tinted white poly would not need a clear coat. The white poly is a tinted top coat and has a beautiful satin sheen to it after it is dry. After distressing it looks best with a clear finish on it. Finally I used General Finishes Clear Poly to finish the top and the distressed painted base.

Finally I am finished! What do you think? Would you have gone pink? If not which color?

Thanks for reading,

Tara Lou

Tara Lou

Mama, wife, furniture connoisseur, small business owner, nature-lover, homebody, hunter.

3 thoughts on “Dry Sink Revival

  1. Hi Tara! It is a cute piece. Love the color but let me see if i understand this correctly. You painted the body with a tinted poly? Like a tinted polyurethane? I have never seen this finish before. Can you tell me why you chose this technique? I love learning new things so thank you so much for sharing.

    1. Yes it’s General Finishes white poly tinted to a soft pink. This is a topcoat that is tinted. It’s durable and eliminates a second step on the painting process. I’ve been doing this for a few years now with my clients projects and very pleased with the results.

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