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Paint Colors of 2020

My faithful followers know that every spring I share the top local flea market schedules. To add to my traditions as the year winds down I want to add my top color picks of the new year.

We all have so many hopes and aspirations with the coming year. Sometimes a change of your scenery is just what is needed. Whether that comes in the form of newly painted furniture, or freshly painted walls. Here are some colors that Jessica from Kaleidoscope Interiors and I have picked out.

I asked Jessica for some of her insight on some color choices. Jessica paints kitchen cabinets and I do furniture so we cover a wide array of the home interiors. I wanted to know what people have been wanting for their cabinet and we will combine our information.

All of our color picks are Hallman Lindsay colors. However I have General Finishes White poly tinted to their colors. Supporting two dairyland businesses!!

The Color Picks

Calm Interlude

We decided we needed a rich dark color with a hue of blue. Which is why we choose Clam Interlude.

Complimenting Decor

Melting Glacier

Of course a white had to be included however if you look close this Melting Glacier color has a tint of blue and it is stunning.

Complimenting Decor


Grey although I do feel that it is half out the door. In our area it is still quite popular. Grey is difficult to get right but Metro is a perfect light grey not taupe, purple or blue just grey.

Complementing Decor

Plume Grass

Lastly my favorite I am a green gal. Green is the most magical color ever. There are so many tones of green, the sage-y earth greens are my favorite. We choose this color because there is more of a desire in many styles for a nice rich earth tone.

Complimenting Decor

Are you seeing the same trends in colors in your area? Any color you would add or take away? Thanks for reading my top color picks and I hope that your year of 2020 is wonderful!

Happy New Year

Tara Lou

Tara Lou

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