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Chippy Paint Technique Using Vaseline

I have been testing out several different ways to achieve the perfect chipping paint look not to toot my own horn but honk, honk I think I nailed it. Chippy paint gives the best farm house cottage furniture feel. The more painted chipped the better!

A Little Background…..

First off I don’t really like the Vaseline, because vaseline can leave silicones on wood which is almost impossible to remove. I am very selective on they type of furniture I use it on. As you can see this piece was for sure going to see a bonfire if I didn’t save it. The top had pealing veneer, drawers missing and needing repair, lots of work! Also I suspected that there was leftover lead paint on this. I didn’t bother testing it because I am pretty certain there was. The lead paint was the main reason I wanted to do the chippy paint look on this piece.

I love to be able to show each piece of furnitures story. On this buffet all the years of paint is part of its story, along with the incredible oak top and maple drawers. The chippy paint would hide some of the ugly and show of some of its story.

How to Create Chippy Paint

This process is for sprayed on paint I have not tested it brushed on but I will suspect that it won’t work nearly as well.

  • Clean and Prep your furniture
  • Prime if necessary. Then repeat prep work
  • Take a natural bristle brush and vaseline. Dab the Vaseline on randomly. I stick to the edges to make it look a little more natural.
  • Spray your paint over the top of the dabbed on vaseline.
  • Let Dry
  • Use a cloth, putty knife, or steel wool to rub off the paint where there is vaseline. Wipe clean.
  • Done

I did not try to clear coat over the top of this. I suspect that the Vaseline residue would prevent adhesion so this really has to be the last step.

Let me know what you think. Have you tried anything else to get this chippy paint look?

Thanks for reading and happy chippy painting,

Tara Lou

Tara Lou

Mama, wife, furniture connoisseur, small business owner, nature-lover, homebody, hunter.

2 thoughts on “Chippy Paint Technique Using Vaseline

  1. Hi Tara! I am ashamed to say that I threw out a piece just like this. I was moving and downsizing to an apartment. I put it out on the sidewalk so hopefully someone picked it up. I keep telling my self I’m going to get a sprayer but I haven’t yet. Thank you for saving this piece. I will forever live in shame.🙃

    1. I know its hard you can’t keep everything, I have given away quite a few pieces for lack of storage.

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