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Wen Air Filtration System Review

So excited I am finally stepping up my game in my woodworking shop. I have a list of shop improvements and the Wen Air Filtration System was top of the list. Lately after spraying in my shop I have been noticing excessive dust and it was getting overly frustrating. When I would spray a top coat I would have too much dust in my clear coats the Air Filtration System I hope will help fix this problem.

Getting Clean Air

In order to get my shop air clean and circulating properly I did a few things.

  • Deep extreme cleaning. I dusted and mopped everything to get a good deep clean.
  • Started with proper air circulation. You need clean fresh air coming in and a source where air can leave as well. I have a fan coming in from another room bringing fresh air.
  • The centrally located I positioned my WEN Air Filtration to take air from the back section of my shop and put clean air to the front.
  • Finally I bought a box fan to place by the door opening to push the air out. This I will only need to bring out when I am spraying furniture.

How Its Working

I had left a glass out for a few days and checked it regularly to see how well the Air Filtration is working. I am happy with the results and keeping the air clean and flowing in my shop.

**Please note that all of these fans are use for waterborne products only. These would not work with anything solvent based as solvents are flammable.

Other Things

There are other things that this Air Filtration System will help with. With my shop being in the basement level I do sometimes have troubles with humidity levels. I keep a humidity gauge in the basement and a de-humidfier. So this fan will just be an added benefit to the air flow in my shop.

Let me know what you use, or if you will get one too!

Thanks for reading,

Tara Lou

WEN Air Filtration System

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