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Antique Walnut Dresser Makeover

I loved working on this Antique Walnut Dresser makeover. It was so fun to create and decide which parts I was going to refinish and which parts got paint. Of course I kept all of the burled walnut parts to showcase and painted the solid walnut. This dresser was made right around 1890-1900 I can tell from the Knapp joints.

Each piece I redo takes a bit of design to strategize. This antique walnut dresser makeover took some planning to create. Which parts to showcase down to which parts to distress. Then what kind of distressing do I want and what color wood am I going for. Then the final part is the hardware sometimes changing out boring hardware will make a huge difference. In this case the original hardware had to be kept!

I took apart as much as I could on this one which his typically for me to do. But I wanted that marble out and having everything separate would help with the process. Stripped / sanded first cleaned and clear coated. Then after a good 24 hours I taped everything I just tapped off so I could paint the rest of the cabinet. I like to start upside down to get every angle of each piece.

The best part of all of this was taking that tape off to reveal the dresser. Then had to distress the parts I wanted to highlight. Reassemble and it was ready for its new home. This one didn’t last long and got snatched up quickly.

I used General Finishes White Enduro Poly to paint this piece with my Fuji Sprayer.

Happy Painting

Tara Lou

Tara Lou

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