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How To Add Texture To Painted Furniture

One of my favorite looks on furniture is texture!! Also creating the texture can be just as fun. Replicating age and use on a piece is a thrilling challenge. Imagining where the piece was used, and worn down, the layers of paint it endured to create the perfect look. I am going show you how to add texture to painted furniture using one of my favorite products, Saltwash

There are many options out there on different things to add into your paints to create a texture but can I just say lets leave the kitchen spices and foods in the ehh uhh KITCHEN! First off the reaction something like cinnamon might have with paint is unknown because its not common practice to use that spice while painting. Second things like coconut oil will go rancid and smell icky so why would you put that on your furniture? Ok with that rant over lets get on to some texture to painted furniture!

Saltwash dresser

How to Create Texture to Painted Furniture

I love this Saltwash its so easy to mix and create different levels of texture. The above photo you can see different texture from brush strokes to stipple peaks and all the way down to the raw wood. Not to mention the colors from dark wood, sage green undertone and white.

The possibilities are endless on what you can create. When I say its easy to mix it is! You want to make it the constancy of cake icing. The part I hate is it does take awhile to dry. TIP: I have been known to use a blow dryer to push the drying time.


How To Use Saltwash

Make sure your project is cleaned, scuffed and cleaned again. Then you can start with your first color of texture. You can create peaks or lines whatever look you are going for. You can do more than one color if desired after it is completely dry. Then paint on your final color without the salt wash mixture. Let dry. Sand as desired then top coat. You can get creative and add glazes in between coats too.

Other Projects with Texture

One of the things I love most about this product is that it sticks to almost EVERYTHING! Ive used this over lead paint because who wants to mess with lead paint. I have used this on metal ceiling tiles, wood and plastic. I have never had a problem with this stuff sticking.

Thanks for reading and happy texturing furniture or other household goods!!

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