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Interested in advertising with Tara Lou? My site is constantly growing with interested DIYers, furniture painters and professional refinishers. I share many painting and refinishing tips along with interior design, product reviews, thrift store and repurpose store reviews. I have many more blogs in the works too!

Currently I am offering:

Blog reviews: Either store reviews or products reviews. Disclaimer I am  not interested in writing bad reviews I want to keep my site positive for all those involved. Should my experience not be what is expected I will opt to not review the product, or shop at all.

Placement Advertisement: If your products, or service is something that I have already an established relationship I am more than happy to have placement advertising on my site. If it is not something I have used please contact me and get me a sample so I can be sure it is something we will recommend to our followers. In addition I will also make mention of our advertisers on Facebook and instagram, Pinterest and YouTube.

We have used a specific program to help determine our sites monetary value. Please use the form below to contact us and we will be in touch with pricing.

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