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How to: Repair broken veneer


Toady lets discuss veneer repairs on furniture. Occasionally you will not have the missing veneer which there are other options for like getting a veneer pack or using bondo depending on your project.

Repairing Veneer Steps

Here are the steps to repairing this correctly so that it won’t come back off. If you are missing the veneer all together you can get variety packs of veneer here.
Veneer repair

1. I carefully finished taking the piece completely off and sanded both the back of the veneer and the sub straight. It is so important to remove old adhesive if you don’t the new adhesive you use will have a harder time sticking.

wood glue

2. I put a thick coat of wood glue on both the back of the veneer and sub straight. TIP: Do not use Gorrilla glue or another type of regular glue. Wood glue is cheap and works the best. I like Titebond!

Veneer clamped

3. Position the veneer in place and pressed down. Sometimes you’ll notice when you press down the veneer will slide from side to side. To avoid this, you can use painters tape to keep it in place.

4. Before clamping, I did a couple of things to ensure quality, even distribution of the veneer re-application. First, I placed wax paper on top to prevent my clamps from glueing to my wood and veneer. I also laid a piece of wood flat on the broken veneer to help it dry evenly. Lastly, I made sure to space the clamps evenly. After assembling your drying set-up, let it sit at least overnight in a cool dry place to be sure the glue thoroughly sets.

Veneer repaired

5. Once the glue has had enough time to set, remove the clamps and TAA-DAAA!

The only thing that may be left to do is any clean up of residual wood glue.  Chiles work great for that!

If you used a larger replacement piece and now need to get the new veneers profile to match. Use sandpaper on the edges eventually it will break off and follow the profile.

Happy repairing! Hope this helps on your next big DIY project!

Tara Lou

repair wood veneer

Updated 5/16/19

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