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Rustoleum Paint Review

I am very excited to come to you this week with a Rustoleum paint review I don’t do a lot of these. Rustoleum is a great company that makes some superb products. I have used many of their paints in the past and always have excellent results.

Full disclosure: You will always get my honest opinion about a product. I will provide my perceived pros and cons candidly. However, you will never read a blog from me on which the sole purpose is to complain. I pride myself on my network of support, and wish to keep my focus on reciprocating just that. With that in mind, I invite you to continue to follow me with the knowledge that if we disapprove of a product on the market, you won’t be reading a review on it anytime soon! Comprende? 😬

Just like most experienced professionals, I have my “old reliable” products. I use them as our go-to’s, but also enjoy challenging them with new products. Most recently, I purchased Rust-oleum’s Chalked in Linen White . Rust-Oleum is a highly attainable product for most (if not all) of my readers, so I felt it was necessary and fair to offer a review!

I typically NEVER use Chalk paint in any form unless I am painting something small like picture frames or this small table that won’t be a high trafficked. Read more on my post “What Type of Paint To Use on Furniture”.

(This particular can was purchased on Amazon; it was packaged well, but it did arrive with a small dent in the can. This did not effect the condition or performance of the paint.)


  • Great coverage! A shade of white was tested because it is so popular; it is also difficult to get good coverage with white, so the test really challenged the product. The coverage is comparable to others we use, like General Finishes.
  • Fast dry time: This was also very comparable to others in the market on dry time. No complaints either way.
  • Sands smooth: WOW. Very impressive. Best we have seen.
  • Scratch test PASS: I even turned the heat up a bit by not waiting as long for the paint to dry. But this stuff held up well!


  • Very thick: This isn’t uncommon with chalk type paints because of the fillers. This can make them a bit difficult to brush on. This can be solved by simply thinning the paint out (keep in mind, this will affect coverage).

Here is the finished project! The stencil was ordered from The Rustic Orchid. Clear coat was done with with ML Campbell Finishes Agualente in a Satin sheen.

Thanks for reading this week’s blog. Do you think you might give Rust-oleum Chalked a try now? What will you paint?

Happy Painting,

Tara Lou

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