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Furniture Painting eBook!

I get so many questions so often about painting furniture and I love to share my knowledge with all of my followers. So I gathered all of the information and wrote down every step put it neatly in this furniture painting ebook just for you.

Whether you have painted a piece before or have never touched furniture on paint this is furniture painting eBook is for you. There are so many people talking about and painting furniture sometimes the information is too much and overwhelming. This guide is step by step with a product link and finishing notes section.

Amy’s Story

I want to introduce you to Amy, I did a private paint lesson with Amy over the summer. Amy was so nervous about painting her first project. She was worried that she was going to mess it up. Let me tell you that almost always wood is fixable! She worked hard with all the homework I gave her she even got to do a little spraying.

Prepping Dry Sink

Amy’s hard work paid off and this dry sink / bar was on display at Christmas. She is still so thrilled with the job SHE did! It was so rewarding to be a part of this transformation in both Amy and the dry sink.

Painted Dry Sink

Paint Your Furniture Your Self!

Are you ready to get started painting your furniture? Check out my link below for the eBook download!

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