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Repairing Chipped Wood

repair chipped wood

Small chips and dents we can mostly live with but large chunks of wood missing from some misshap just needs to be fixed. Today I want to show you how to use wood filler on chipped wood.

Preparing The Missing Area

Start by adding some sort of brace for the filler. As you can see I added nail heads to the missing area so the filler has something to grab on to.

Making a Mold

If you have another side or in my case matching spindle you can make a mold out of the other one. These are cheap and super easy to make. You will need hot glue, and burn-in balm (Vaseline will work too). Start by rubbing the balm on the piece you are making a mold of, pour hot glue. Once dry carefully peal off the mold.

Reforming the Missing Wood

Next up making your missing piece. I did already talk about types of wood fillers here. On this type of repair I would use tootsie roll, (Mohawk Finishing Supplies)  you can buy it here. They do make off brands of this stuff but beware its not that good.

I am using white however this filler comes in many different wood background colors should you need to make this look like wood again. This particular piece is being painted so white is great.

Use the epoxy to fill in the missing area. You may need more balm on your mold so that the filler doesn’t stick to it. Place the mold on the top and push down. Some filler might squeeze out of the sides which you can remove. I took the mold off and checked the profile of my filler to see if I need to push the mold down again to help form the area.

Finishing up

After 5-10 minutes it should be completely dry and ready for sanding. Be sure that it is dry! Finishing up with a 100-180 grit sandpaper to make sure the profiles match up is all you need.

Hope you enjoy if you do this repair please send me a picture!

Happy Fixing