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Touch-up Painted Kitchen Cabinets With Preval Sprayer

I painted my kitchen cabinets about 3 years ago they have held up very well considering the chaos which is my home. However the dogs and kids have left their marks over the years. I have been hesitant to touch up the cabinets because I did spray the paint and top coat on. Bushing on where paint has been sprayed can be very noticeable.

Preval sprayer has been my solution I did my first touch-up job on my own kitchen and took video to share it with you.

Chipped kitchen cabinets

About Preval

First you know me and I like to go a little deeper into each company or product I share. Preval has been around for quite some time since 1969. This is a good ole USA company which The UpCycle Girls loves to support home made products! Their affordable products are easy to use for the DIYers and professionals.

The Preval Sprayer which I am using today can be used with almost any paint or top coats. You can use with solvents, water, and oil base products. This little sprayer packs a good punch she can atomize your custom mix just perfectly!

Ok ok enough of me rambling watch the video now……..

Sorry about the audio 🙁 I am still learning how this is all done!

List of Supplies

  • Preval Sprayers (3 containers of paint, water and topcoat)
  • Cleaner (denatured alcohol and water 50/50 mix)
  • Mirlon Pads
  • 220-320 Grit Sandpaper
  • Very Fine sanding sponge
  • Old blow dryer

Now check out the close up on this kitchen touch-up. I’ll let you in on a secret I ran out of things to touch-up so I used my painters thing (ugh I really need to know what that thing is called) and scratched the door up just so I could touch it up.

What did ya think? I think it total it took me 15 minutes to do the entire touch-up but I was also messing with a camera. Also really loved the idea of not bringing a ton of crap with me. When you have to do onsite work you have to bring stuff in and out of your truck all the time. Hauling all the crap around is the one big thing I HATE!

Thanks for reading this weeks blog will you be touching up your kitchen cabinets? Please leave a comment if you love the information or have questions. If you really love it share it!

Happy Touching Up

Tara Lou

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