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Rubberwood Furniture

Have you ever heard someone say “Its made out of rubberwood”? Todays furniture we use a lot of rubber wood in its production.

Other names: Parawood, plantation wood Asian hardwood,

What is Rubber wood?

Rubber wood is actually a tree the produces latex, these trees are native to Brazil. Rubberwood trees grow on plantations all throughout Asia. It takes about 9 years to mature and the latex can be harvested. Once the tree is about 20 years old and no longer producing latex it is then cut down and use for such things as furniture. Rubberwood can be sold for solid wood production but they also use rubber wood for medium density fiberboard, veneer and particle board.

Wood Characteristics

Similar in color to pine however it is a more dense wood. It does not absorb stain quite like a pine, it has similar density as ash. The grain is straight and close together.

The Good Bad and Ugly?

Good, it is an easy wood to work with, and stains and finishes nicely. This type of wood is cost effective for manufactures and tend to be more affordable for the consumers.

Bad, rubber wood tends to warp during the drying process. If you have a latex allergy I wouldn’t suggest building something with this furniture. Rubberwood is susceptible to bug infestations, and fungus. To insure the wood will be useable they will use anti-fungals and insecticides on the wood.

The Ugly, The demand for rubber wood has increased over the years which in return has an increased production. They are slowly cutting down more and more of the rainforest for more plantations of rubber wood. In addition the plantations require irrigation and spraying which can change the rainforests natural habitat.

Do you have anything in your home made with rubber wood?

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