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Desk Made Into Matching Night Stands


Hey there “junkers” save those desks that no longer fit folders or even papers! Check out this desk I took apart and made matching nightstands. Nightstands for these desks are much more practical. They are a little taller and provide ample storage space. Bonus they are easy to match.

Heres what I did:
  1. Remove the top and put aside I will need that later.

 2.  Cut it up! Remove the stretchers in the middle using a reciprocating saw.

3. Then it is time to do the necessary repairs. Lots of veneer missing, which I was able to fill smooth! I use a lot of  bondo for just this purpose!


4. It’s in two pieces! Needs a little gluing but otherwise its a good and solid for night stands!


Because this is being painted I had to use a lot of wood filler. More veneer and missing wood more bondo! These are ready to prep. Start with cleaning sanding cleaning, and then painting.

Discarded desk upcycled into refinished night-stands

       5. Cut up the top to the size of each nightstand and router the edge I cut off to match the profile of the original.


         6. I like the stained wood to match the distressed wood. I kept the color somewhat similar to the original. I strip the wood down this is standard for me when I am re-staining wood. I choose shaker maple General Finishes water base stain.

Drawer nightstand

The casing on these twins are painted with basil green from General Finishes. I distressed using a 220 grit sandpaper and then glazed using none other than vandyke brown as well.

All finished!

Thank you for reading and happy making matching nightstands

Tara Lou

UPDATE 6/5/19- I think the only thing that I would change is a little more distressing. Although I do love the handles I think that I would maybe change those up a little bit, to something to fit the changes that I made. What would you have done differently?

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