Drawer Upcycle

What does and old trunk, desk top, drawer, and table legs have in common? I am so excited to share this Upcycle with you. I wasn’t 100 percent sure what I was creating when I started the the pieces just fell into place. Nice solid drawer added some solid legs. I Upcycle this drawer into a little table which turned out amazing.

drawer table
drawer table

Wasn’t quite sturdy enough so I had an old desk top which I had cut down for night stands. A little trimming and it was perfect for the center shelf. Painted bottom lamp black inside top seagull grey and ouside driftwood (all General Finishes Products). Top coated with General Finishes High Performance, I don’t wax if you want to know why go here. To finish it off I added a handle to the front of the drawer that I salvaged off of an old trunk. This is perfect to hold pillows, plants or any decor.

What creations have fallen together for you? We would love to hear about it.

Happy Drawer Upcycle

Tara Lou

drawer Upcycle table
Tara Lou

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