Waterfall Dresser Flip

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This was such a fun flip, mostly because we were able to elongate the future of a really good-quality, sturdy piece! The inside drawers are lined with birds eye maple and walnut woods. You can find some awesome steals, just like this one… If you just take the time to dig! We did end up making the hard decision of covering up some of that gorgeous veneer (after much deliberation and some trial-and-error), but boy did this turn out amazing!!!


I (Tara) have really been drawn to blue lately. This time I chose charleton blue Chalk Style Paint from General Finishes and it turned out great! After painting to the desired opacity and adding a barrier clear coat, she was ready for glaze!


I was so excited to try this new glaze from Mowhawk. It’s applied with a “spray-on, rub off” method. It completely changed the look of this entire dresser! Look how easy it was to spray on… The scuffing off is where it gets a little tricky.


When using this product, keep in mind it takes a while for the glaze to dry, and then even longer to get it sanded just right. When you reach your desired level of antiquing, blow it off with compressed air and the project will be ready for finishing. We finished in a pre-cat water-base finish too three coats :). To learn more about finishes and top coats go here.

On this piece, I also had to replace the hardware since the dresser was missing two pieces of the bakelite hardware. (But I will definitely be saving that old hardware for another project. 😉)


What do you think? What would you like to use this glaze on?

Thanks for reading, happy junking!

Tune in for next weeks blog where we compare Milk Paint and Chalk Paint.

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