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Re-Upholstering Dinning Room Chair Seats

Want to step up your upholstery knowledge? Recovering chair seats is a great place to start with upholstery. Well let me first start off by saying I am not a professional upholsterer. I have done quite a bit in my life from new upholstery to antiques but I am terrible at sewing. Following the line and cutting fabric exactly where it was for a pattern is so difficult for me.

When I received a call to redo 6 dinning room chair seats. I thought this would be a great opportunity to talk about proper steps on redoing chair seats.

7 Steps Reupholstering Dinning Room Chair Seats
  1. Remove everything! I do not go over the top of existing material, first off thats just gross. Second, you need your pattern.
  2. Replace or add. Replace broken down foam or add foam or bonded fiber fill.
  3. Match your patterns, watch the video.
  4. Pull your fabric tight but not too tight.
  5. Fold your corners the same. Corners need extra pulling and folding but you want to make sure that if you have to fold them that they all match up.
  6. If you have a compressor get a good staple gun. Electric guns just don’t have the power. Here is the pneumatic gun I use.
  7. Always put cambric on the bottom. Cambric finishes off your project. It also provides as a dust guard so any stuffing particles don’t end up on your floor.

The video above I am sharing how to cut material and pick your center focal point.

This video I am sharing how to start each seat and fold your corners.

Will you be re-doing your dinning room chairs now? Hope you benefited from this information be sure to share your projects with us.

Happy Upholstering,

Tara and Becca


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