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Kids Zoo

This dresser was sitting in my garage for some time. When it came to me it had no drawers nothing just the shell. I have just the best upcycled dresser ideas for this! So I knew right away what I wanted to do with it. A kids zoo!! I have seen these before and I was super excited to finally have the perfect piece to make one. Now I have seen these before but never read any directions on how to make them. I’m a visual person and only read directions when I absolutely have to. Each piece of furniture is constructed different and someone elses plan might not work with the piece that I have. So with that being said I sketched it out. Sometimes I draw out my plans on paper with measurements and colors so I can come back to my notes when needed.

The Steps

First I had to remove all the center supports, and cut ply wood for the two left over. The bottom and top shelf. I was pretty lucky this came apart easily. Next up prep and I sprayed the entire unit white. Because I just can’t do plain and, I added a yellow ombre look to the sides. If you want to know more about painting furniture check out my ebook.

 Next up the bungee cage I measured out my holes top and bottom and threaded the bungee through making sure to keep it tight. Some minor paint touch-ups and I am done!

Overall this was pretty simple and would work well with almost any tall dresser. This would also be nice in a garage to store all those sports balls. This is too large for my home to keep stuffed animals but for a large playroom with would be very nice.

What do you think of the kids zoo? What would you have done differently?

Thanks for reading and happy junking friends!

Tara Lou

Tara Lou

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