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Kitchen Makeover – White Cabinet Wood Grain Filler

I would like to introduce you to D&L’s kitchen. This house is an original farm house in Wisconsin but this kitchen needed a makeover. 

Jess (from Kaleidoscope Interiors) and I where thrilled to be part of this makeover bonus this is the first kitchen we have documented using Aqua Coats White Cabinet Wood Grain Filler and we wanted to bring you along for the journey. 

The Farm Kitchen Before

The Farm Kitchen Prep Work

The prep-work is so important when redoing furniture for several reasons. One you want to make sure that your surface is clean, imagine painting over grease caked with dust. Even thought we can’t always see it, it’s there. Two you need to scuff the existing finish and create small scratch marks all over to insure your paint will have something to adhere too. Again imagine painting over glass…. doesn’t really stick! We also remove everything! You don’t want to have to paint around all of that.

For those of you looking to do a kitchen makeover yourself to save money we will have a how to guide coming soon. This guide will be how the professionals do it!

Applying The Grain Filler

Next up we are applying Aqua Coats White Cabinet Grain Filler, but we are going to hold back one door to show you what it would look like if we didn’t grain fill that door.

Painting The Cabinets

After grain filling and priming we are ready to start painting. The installation! We spray the doors off site and brush the paint onsite. It is purely up to the painter and home owner which will work better for them. By brushing the paint on the kitchen is fully functional after each day of work.

The Farm Kitchen Big Reveal

You guys and gals this after is just stunning! The color choices are spot on for this kitchen too! Along with the choice of open shelving by the coffee area. Jess and I are so happy to be part of this transformation and to be honest kinda didn’t want to leave. I wanted to go hang out by the breakfast bar and write this blog.

Now before you leave you have to see the with and without photos of the grain filler. Its sometimes hard to get pictures of what the naked eye would see (I am not a photographer) Do you see the cabinet on the left with all the spots? What a headache that would have been to try and sand that back down and re-spray it. Thank goodness we didn’t have to redo the entire kitchen and it was just the one door.

grain filler

Do you plan to redo your kitchen soon? Will you be doing it yourself or hiring? If you plan to do it by yourself get some help from me and download my kitchen painting eBook.

Tara Lou

Want to know how to use Aqua Coats White Cabinet Grain Filler? Visit my blog.

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Tara Lou

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2 thoughts on “Kitchen Makeover – White Cabinet Wood Grain Filler

  1. Tara Lou, how do I know when it’s ready to paint if I put 4-5 coats of aqua coat. Do I need to put on several coats of paint? Does it need a coat of something after paint? like polyurathane for a finish? thank you Joan

    1. It will depend on your project. Grain filler is just an additional step in your painting or refinishing projects. If you hate the wood grain this is something you can do to level out your surface.

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