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Leather Color Repair Using Preval vFan Airbrush

Just got this badass air brush from Preval to do leather touch-up. I also wanted to be able to use it inside chair legs, small cubbies and spraying on stencils (so stay tuned). Today I am using it for my first ever leather color touch-up.

I have been using Mohawk brand products for wood finishes for a long time. Recently I started using their products for leather touch-ups which is a huge learning curve and totally different from wood touch-ups. To get some practice in before making this available to clients I always work on my own furniture first. Doing this I can test how well it works, adjust application techniques and see how long it will last.

This chair I re-upholstered about 10 years ago, time has done its tole on it for sure. Scratches and discolored all over the seat. Excited that this will be my first project to test out my new airbrush and my own skills.

leather touch up kit
All packed up with my supplies for this project

How to do it:

1: I cleaned a prepped the leather. Naptha for cleaning and a light scuff with a fine sanding sponge.

2: Mixing colors I used Mohawk touch-up pigments. I choose the primary colors, with black, white and violet. With the basic colors I can match just about anything. This is something I have be practicing for nearly my entire carrier as a refinisher and trust me I do not know everything. (If you want to know more about the color wheel and its relation to woodworking and refinishing listen to this podcast.) Added water to my colors the viscosity is too thick to spray through the airbrush as is. Added about 30% water to my colorant. I don’t exactly measure but eyeball it they say it should be the consistency of milk.

3: Set up the air brush with the energy disbursement unit (so stinking cool you have to watch the video)

4: Sprayed out the top, I did two coats on this seat with a light scuff in between.

5: Top coat I used Mohawk leather in satin.

6: Admire a job well done!

What do you think of this leather color touch up? What would you use this airbrush for?

Thanks for reading,

Tara Lou

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