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Replace Missing Spindle – Lathe Work

Last summer I had a chair that I needed to replace 6 missing spindles on my lathe. I didn’t document the project due to time constraints but this summer I had a call from another client, same chair only one missing spindle. And this summer I have documented the lathe work.

Spindle Replacement

I am self taught on the lathe, my brother spent 30 mins giving me a run down on how to do it and everything else I have picked up or done on my own. I have never watched a how to video or even read a single article on how to do lathe work. So that is my disclaimer if you see me doing something wrong I truly do not know what I am doing but hey I nailed it! However I do not mind if you want to send me a message to give me some tips 😉

Past Projects

About 10 years ago I made this for St. Johns Military Academy in Delafield WI. This was my practice piece of wood and it turned out so awesome that I just went with it. I was able to create the octagon shape using a wood file after turning on a lathe.

lathe work

This chair spindle is my first ever projects, I don’t remember when I made it. But it was at least 10 years ago now.

lathe work

Now that I made you go down memory lane with me here is 2019s spindle replacement. I use a band saw to find my center point. X marks the spot.

lathe work

Watch the Video!

Lathe Work

Easy peasy, haha just kidding it looks like it went fast and easy, but it takes some time. I really enjoy doing lathe work, I keep my lathe in my garage so with an open garage door I have a pretty nice view of the woods across my street and some fresh air! Although the only time I consider wearing a turtle neck shirt is when I am on the lathe because I sure do get sawdust EVERYWHERE!

Check out the completed projects

Thanks for reading this weeks blog hope you enjoyed. Who thinks I should try to make a wood bowl? This is something I have always wanted to try but haven’t, my lathe has everything I need to make bowls. Stay tuned maybe that will be in the future.

Happy Reviving,

Tara Lou

If you want to see more parts fabrication see how I molded a chipped spindle.

lathe work
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