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Repairing Scratches on Wood Doors

Awhile back I was hired to repair scratches on wood doors. While at the estimate to look at the doors I brought a product that might do the trick but wanted to test it out first. Repairing scratches on doors can be a lot of work. From sanding the wood down possibly stripping, restaining and then finishing this job could take up to a week to complete. Luckily the product I brought worked!

If you know types of finishes you will know how they work with different products. If you want to learn more about finishes before reading on visit my blog on Types of Finishes. There are a lot of people smarter than me out there but I have come to learn quite a bit about lacquers I know that a lacquer can re-melt down to the first coat when fresh lacquer is applied. Some scratches on wood doors still have the finish on them the finish is just damaged and needs to be remelted. This product will re-melt the lacquer.

In fact this product can sometimes even help with water-damaged areas like white spots where moisture is trapped under the finish. Isn’t knowing how things work awesome?


Door scratches before

Literally 5 seconds later


Door scratches after

That is already huge improvement!

Now this is the point where I have to put a disclaimer in, this doesn’t alway work. If the existing finish isn’t lacquer this won’t work. If it has been smothered with Pledge or other cleaning products this again will not work. Those other cleaning products will create a barrier and not allow the original finish to remelt.

Ok, so now that you have the knowledge about the product here it is. It is Mohawk No Blush Retarder. This comes in an aerosol can you can get it in gallon but for small projects such as this that is not needed. You don’t need a lot of product for this to work just little sprits! Just a little tip be sure to clean everything first! Another disclaimer: I am not being compensated by Mohawk for this blog I seriously use their products all the time including this one!

What scratches around your house need to be fixed up?

Thanks for reading this weeks blog and happy touch-ups.

Tara Lou

Tara Lou

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