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How to Dispose of Paint

Every new year I tend to purge all the things from the previous year. It helps me start the new year fresh. One of those things on this years list is contaminated paints and top coats. Today I want to show you how to dispose of old paint.

Its easy to dispose of the paints and topcoats however you first must check with your local government to make sure that the process I am about to share is in agreeance with your government. To see Wisconsin Law check it out here.


I always have to take a little dive in to statistics. Did you know that In 2007 the EPA estimated that about 65-69 million gallons of paint was discarded!  That statistic is alarming; We need to be more conscious of our paint uses! One way we can be more strategic on how much paint we purchase by checking the coverage. Check out the paint manufacture to see what their coverage is so you don’t order too much!

Also while doing my research I found a company that recycles paint! Check then out here.

What You Need To Do

The paint needs to become a solid before you can dispose of it in the garbage. So any of that really old paint that is rock hard and you are worried about throwing it away. Go ahead toss it, if there is a little bit of liquid on the top you can put some cat liter on the top and wait for it it dry out.

I had all liquid paints so I used a paint hardener. There are two brands that I have used and both have similar results. One is Homax Paint Hardener and the second is Xsorb Rock Solid Paint Hardener.

Hope this helps you make some space on your storage shelves! This is super easy and good for you for looking up the proper way of paint disposal instead of just tossing in the garbage!

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Tara Lou

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