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Bonding Primer Test

After getting a dresser I with a formica top I needed a really good bonding primer. Instantly two respected people told me XIM primer. Given that all my projects are different and I never know what kind of project will enter my shop. I started doing some testing so I will be armed with the best primers in my shop. I prefer to have aerosol cans of primer. With a rattle can I can spray out a solvent or oil base on a piece of furniture with ease. Also I prefer not to put anything but water base products in my spray guns, for easy cleaning.

Types of Primers

Two primers I decided to put to the test. XIM, and Cover Stain. I choose Cover Stain because I already know it blocks bleed through very well. It drys very quick, and its not expensive. The can says its a bonding primer as well. How great would that be if I can get everything out of one can! My fingers are crossed.

XIM, does not dry quick in cooler temperatures, and is quite pricey. But it didn’t even take a full second before two people I highly respect their knowledge told me XIM for bonding. In fact they both stated that they would use XIM when painting glass.

The Test Subject

Why not test out a piece of glass? I didn’t do anything other than make sure the glass was clean. Sprayed both ends one with Cover Stain and the other with XIM. Let dry which with it being winter now I had to let sit for several days and I also increased the temperature in my shop.

Ok, Watch the video now!

XIM definitely past my testing and I will not be having to make sure I have XIM on hand. The extra cost is worth it to have the right product for the job. I still like the cover stain for bleed through it also dries a lot faster in the summer months.

Close Ups

Just a note I use a washer for my scraper and it did have a pretty rough side so it did take some of the paint off when scraping on the XIM side. On the Cover Stain side it did take the paint and cover stain off.

Hope this has helped arm you with the right primer for your next project. If you have something you would like me to test out please contact me.

Till Next Time,

-Tara Lou

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2 thoughts on “Bonding Primer Test

  1. Hi Tara! I am new to this so please tell me whey you would bond and prime glass? I really don’t know what i’m looking at in the pictures. Sorry.

    1. The idea of a bonding primer is to bond to a smooth surface like I stated in the blog I needed a primer to bond to laminate (a smooth surface) so I tested the smoothest surface I know of and that’s glass. 😉

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