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Vintage Harvest Child’s Rocking Chair

Restoring furniture to its former glory is my passion. Each restoration is a challenge in its own and this vintage harvest child’s rocking chair was definitely a challenge. This project brought back memories to restoring furniture with my dads company. This is just the type of project that would have landed on my work bench. With a smile I would have accepted the challenge.

Childs vintage rocking chair

After a good cleaning, prepping, and painting black I let the rocker sit for a good three days before the gold painting. I wanted to make sure that the black paint had ample time to dry before putting the stencil on.

Obviously this Childs rocking chair will need some very custom painting/ stenciling to restore it. My local area has wonderful resorces, I was able to get my local graphic designer to make the graphics and she also has a fancy printer thingy to make stencils. Unfortunately for me I totally messed up the stencil. My solution, I had my local shipping and printing company print me a stencil and I cut it out.

  • stencil
  • painting stencil

Using dried spray adhesive makes a fantastic stencil, not too sticky and it won’t pull off your fresh paint!

Here is the adhesive I used.

One struggle when restoring antiques is trying to find the resources you need to restore it back to original. I am providing the original download for this rocker for free. You may need to make some adjustments to the size with printing.


free stencil download for vintage harvest Childs rocker

My client told me that her grandparents bought her this Childs rocking chair and she wanted it to be restored to its former glory. I could see in her reaction the memories that this restoration brought back for her. What a truly rewarding restoration.

Thanks for reading and many blessings,

Tara Lou

Vintage Childs Harvest Rocking Chair

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