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How to Create Worm Holes

Naturally distressing furniture is a fun technique to learn on furniture. Imaging the age and use of a piece of furniture you can get creative. Manmade distressing to natural distressing like worm holes can be all a piece of furniture needs to bring out its unique character. Today I am going to show you one of my signature techniques how to create worm holes.

Worm holes are a real thing! When I worked for a large furniture retailer if we would find little piles of dust in a piece of furniture we would have to follow the trail and try to find the bug that created it to remove it. Oddly enough its not worms that create the holes at all it’s actually beetles.

How to Create Worm Holes

I use a spring loaded hole punch. It’s the fastest way to get great results. Start with a cluster that slowly trails out. You can also connect some of the pieces together too to show the trails, and give it a more natural appearance.

When to Create Your Worm Holes

I always do it on raw wood that is getting stained or clear coated. The color that you stain will stick in the holes and also help create some age. You can of course do this when painting over a piece too.

What do you have that is ready for some distressing? Share it with me! I would love to see your techniques.

Happy Distressing

Tara Lou

worm holes in wood

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  1. Tara, I am getting ready to strip my honey oak kitchen cabinets . I want to create a “bare wood matte finish” that is rustic or cabin-ish looking. I’m planning on distressing them – wormholes are where I thought I’d start. I’m hoping you have suggestions for creating the look I’m looking for….

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