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Converting a Desk into Matching Nightstands

This is one of my favorite Upcycles. Converting a desk into matching nightstands. Beds today are very tall and there is nothing more annoying than a too short nightstand, desks seem to be the perfect height. The storage is wonderful! These are completely customizable I even added an extra outlet to this desk. Plus it saves a pieces of furniture from going into a landfill.

Desk converted into matching nightstands

The Project Start

I didn’t like the top but the rest was perfect! Screwed the top off which was just 6 screws. Once I had the top off I was able to easily break off the rest of the center supports. This will inevitably leave damage and I know I will have to go back and fill those areas.

Sometime the holes that I make taking these apart are larger so I choose to use Bondo to fill it all in. You can learn more about wood fillers here. These had some missing veneer so I filled that in too while I was at it. Bondo is easy to mix and dries rock hard and sands nicely which make it perfect for this.

  • wood filler
  • wood filler

I cut holes in the back to fit the recessed power strip. Easy to install just two screws and pulled the cord underneath. Painted black Enduro from General Finishes is the color I choose for the casing of these. The tops where stained Walnut from Aqua Coat and sanded through clear coated and glazed with white.

  • night stand
  • grey tops

Installed the top and handles. These handles from Amazon they are cheaply made but the price is cheap too! I sanded through and distressed them and then clear coated with a lacquer finish.

The Finished Product

  • matching nightstands
  • Black and grey night stand
  • grey top nightstand
  • night stand electrical
  • electrical for night stands

I cannot wait to do this with another desk. These are one of my favorite upcycles. Finally have a light on my side of the bed which my husband really appreciates. Would you make these matching nightstands?

Thanks for reading this weeks blog. Happy reviving,

Tara Lou

electrical cords for nightstand

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