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Lime Waxing Look (With Grain Filler)

I have been wanting to do a lime wax look since Aqua Coat asked me to try out their product. This look really highlights the grain and shows its beauty rather than painting over it. You can read my review on Aqua Coats White Cabinet Grain Filler here.

Some Things To Consider

There are some things to take into consideration before lime waxing with grain filler.

  • Wood Species: Some wood grain will not take the grain filler.
  • Oak Veneers: Some veneers are very thin. This was the case with the two end tables the grain filler didn’t stick in the grain as much as I would have liked. I used a wire brush to clean out some of the grain.
  • Wood Direction: Because this veneer is going in different directions I taped off each area and then scrapped the grain filler in the direction of the wood not against the grain. I did this because you can get scraping lines and those lines can show up after finishing.
Aqua coat white cabinet grain filler lime wax look

Tables Before

These three tables aren’t exactly a perfect match but what my client has planned will make them look like a great matching set.

I did strip the tops of each of these tables to get a fresh start with raw wood. Bottoms cleaned and shellacked to prevent color bleed through. However You don’t always need to strip before grain filling 😉

In Progress

We did some light distressing on the edges to highlight some of the character of these pieces. Also as you can see in these pictures I always do the tops first and then cover to finish the bottoms up.


Products Used

I am excited to deliver these to my client and see them in her living room. The inspiration piece for this was a dinning room table with the lime wax look which now I am itching to get my hands on a standard oak dinning room set to re-create this.

Thanks for reading and happy grain filling

Many Blessings,

Tara Lou

Lime wax or ceruse finishing

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Lime Wax white wash
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