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How To Get A Raw Wood Look

The Raw Wood look is a classic and clean look that is very appealing. I am going to share my secret on how to get this look with many of the honey color or 90s oak stained furniture. I have yet to try it on anything darker but it is certainly something you can test out once you know this process.Every piece of furniture is different and your own tests will have to be done to see how much of each color you will use to get the results you are looking for.

How It Started

Step 1

Cleaning, sanding, cleaning. Always start with cleaning and sanding ALWAYS. Yes you have to. If you want your projects to last it is required. I use denatured alcohol and water for cleaning, Mirlon pads for scuff cleaning, and sponge sanding pads for my Festool sander. (Sandpaper from Undeeda)

Step 2

First glazed with General Finishes White Wash. Glazed in the direction of the grain started applying with a chip brush and then finished off with a larger deck type brush. I typically keep brushing until it is almost dry.

Step 3

To get more of a raw wood look I want to add a brown tone in. When the white glaze is finished drying I took Antique Oak (General Finishes) and diluted it 5% with water. Glazed over the top of the white to add more of a brown tone to the top. Use the same process as above china chip brush to get on the surface and then smoothed out with a deck brush.

The Finishing Touch

To finish off the raw wood look clear coated Enduro Clear Poly (General Finishes). Then I sprayed my top coat on but it can be brushed on as well. Painted the base of this piece white with light distressing to complete the buffet.

Do you have something you want to have a raw wood look to? I love this style, it goes well with, cottage, farmhouse and beach styled homes.

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The Raw Wood look is a classic and clean look that is very appealing. I am going to share my secret on how to get this look.

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