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Updating Furniture with New Hardware

Updating furniture with new hardware can breath new life into your furniture. New paint and hardware can drastically change the look of a piece of furniture. There are so many different handles that can bring out the type of style you are going for. Styles like, industrial, farmhouse, cottage, boho and more.

Recently I painted this dresser, a beautiful color Sherwin Williams – Riverway. Those small knob handles disappear within the piece. These long brass handles created the perfect balance with the sleek long drawers and squared edges it balances out to perfection.

A few years ago my friend Becca redid these dated traditional oak end tables. Took away the doors, changed the wood color and replaced the hardware. She even added corner brackets which can make a huge difference. These went from 90s drab to modern industrial.

Where to Buy New Hardware

There are two places I go to for handles Hobby Lobby and Amazon. If I am looking for a unique single knob Hobby Lobby is the place to go. However if I am looking to replace a lot of handles and want a different style you can buy in larger quantities on Amazon. Here are some of my favorites:

Unique Hardware

Sometimes when you are restoring a piece of furniture you want to keep it to period either by finding hardware that would have been used originally or replacing something that has been lost. I have a few tricks to finding the right pieces for that as well.

To find similar replacements new. Check out or they are my go to for anything antique replicas.

To find used hardware there is a Facebook Group called “The Hardware Exchange” I have seen some success in finding hardware on there.

Happy Updating Furniture with New Hardware

Tara Lou

Updating furniture with new hardware and paint

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