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I often get asked how to do a veneer patch. Do you cut out the veneer to fit in the missing areas? Is the typical question. No I don’t its actually really easy and fun to do. It is easier to share this process through video so that’s just what I did for you.

Check out the video below. Sorry for the awful sound quality in the beginning of the video. I tried to clean my phone and used a tad bit of rubbing alcohol which seeped into the speakers and now the sound sucks! So learn from me and don’t do that.

I have included a list of supplies below the video on what you need for the repair.

Veneer Patch Video

Product list

Quote from my favorite woodworking book “Gluing without presser is a waste of time” The Furniture Doctor

Have you done this type of veneer repair before? If not do you think you will give it a try?

Thanks for reading,

Tara Lou

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