Two toned table and chairs

Two Toned Furniture

As a close out of 2021 I want to share some of my favorite projects this year specializing in the two toned furniture. This year has been a very busy one and I had a lot of two toned pieces completed that I absolutely loved working on. I am so thankful for the abundance of work and joy of working closely with my clients creating the perfect looks for their homes.

2021 Projects

stained and painted furniture

This one was one of my favorites I got this piece from my grandmothers estate, and bonus one of my favorite clients bought it. So I get to see it in her beautiful home from time to time. This one the piece of furniture itself is what made it so unique. I just added paint and removed some color.

Here is another piece I received from my grandmothers estate. I love the function of this piece and it has wheels! I did write a blog about this piece creating a stained raw wood look without stripping. You can read the blog here.

stained and painted dresser

This was a client owned dresser project. We discussed style and options a few times but settled on a painted case and stained drawers and top. But we painted the thick top trim black, which I love! My client planned to get black wood knobs for the drawers which were not available at the time of completion. But this is classic and neutral so her options are wide open.

I love this piece! Tall handsome dresser with a beautiful walnut top. This dresser went with the one above but we kept the original color of the walnut top and just clear coated it. Style slightly different but still black and classic.

stained and painted dresser with mirror

I just absolutely love these colors, and the serpentine style of this dresser. My favorite color is green so any chance I get to paint something green I am giddy. This one I did write a blog about how to get these colors too so go read the blog here.

Something Different

two toned bed

I just wanted to add this beauty to the two toned mix. Caning can add to the two tones beautifully. I just love white with almost any tone of caning!

Two Tone Tables

three toned table

I would call this a three toned set. My client has the eye for color and design and I love what they created here. I painted and refinished the table the chairs were purchased separately so I didn’t do any work to them. But the idea of this is perfect!

stained and painted table

Changing up a traditional oak table and chairs to a two toned look can bring the dated piece to todays style of furniture. This set the top of the table and tops of the chairs were refinished and the rest was painted glazed and distressed.

  • Tops: Refinished to custom color mix, top coated Aqua Coat Clear Lacquer
  • Chairs and base: Milstone paint, distressed, clear coated, glazed Van Dyke Brown, clear coated. I clear coated in between distressing and glazing. Because it is easier to glaze when there is a coat of finish in between the paint and glaze.
two toned table

I saved my favorite for last, love the black on this set plus the fabric is so unique! The wood tone we went with a neutral color that would go well with the wood work in their home. Not too much on the orange or yellow side. The black satin clear coat to finish it off.

2021 Was a wonderful productive year and I am looking forward to 2022 and all the projects to come!

Happy New Year

Tara Lou

two tones furniture
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